Welcome to Enable Assessment

We are an experienced team of professionals who deliver flexible programmes for the Assessor, Internal and External Quality Assurance Awards/Certificates, as well as the Award, Certificate and Diploma for Education and Training at levels 3, 4 and 5.

We work with individuals and groups, tailoring our programmes to the needs of the individuals and their employers.

We offer comprehensive consultancy, assessment, quality assurance and training services that dovetail with the qualifications we offer.

Everything we do has a work-based learning focus.

100% of our completed students* consider their new qualification / training experience to be useful in their work and would recommend Enable Assessment to their colleagues or acquaintances. 

*according to our Evaluation Survey. Read Learners' Testimonials here

Who we are

  • We pride ourselves in being professional, friendly and with a customer service focus to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers.


What we do

We specialise on working with, and developing, those who are assessing, quality assuring and/or training in work-based learning.


  • There are workbooks availale for each of the Assessor, IQA and EQA knowledge units. 



We work all over the country and would like to share some of our pictures and experiences with you.

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